Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Mercedes-Benz V-Class
Mercedes-Benz V-Class

The V-Class from Mercedes-Benz in price and competition comparison shortly after the commencement of the V-Class, Daimler sought roughly 55,000 DM for a big sedan in the base diesel variant. As a V6 petrol engine, the van has been on the exhibition as a new automobile for roughly DM 67,000. After the shift to the Viano, the Swabians calculated at least approximately 32,000 euros for the minibus, while the model-updated 2019 and 2020 V-Class was available for under 37,000 euros. If you are looking for a V-Class on the market for used cars presently, you will find the minibus there at rates of around 1000 euros. The MPV gets competition from classics such as the VW Bus or Ford Transit and models such as Toyota Proace, Opel Vivaro, Renault Trafic, Fiat Talento, Peugeot Traveler, or Citro├źn Spacetourer.

The first-generation Mercedes-Benz V-Class between 1996 and 2003

In the first version of the V-Class released in 1996, Mercedes-Benz limited itself to a size of 4.66 m and, with a wheelbase of three meters, was characteristic of the class. The minibus is furnished with three rows of seats as usual and maybe set up as a seven-seater with rear seats opposite. Up to 2003, Mercedes-Benz offered the MPV marketed as V230 and V280 in various variations. First, gasoline and diesel in the power ratings from 72 kW to 128 kW. For the trend, air suspension with electronic level control at the back, ETS traction system, preparation for joining a roof rack, center console and armrests at the front, reading lights and waste bins in the rear, central locking, and electric windows at the show. Second, fashion a folding table between the back rows of seats, velour covers and carpets, additional board equipment with games and an umbrella, and hangers-on the final row of chairs. The ambiance features an extra coolbox in the rear, a leather steering wheel, an external temperature display, wood decors, and leather seats.

The V-Class Viano from Mercedes-Benz between 2003 and 2014

With the shift to the second generation of the V-Class, Mercedes-Benz marketed its people carriers under the moniker Viano. It opened the model range with an enlarged version and an extra-long body variant with a total length of over 5.22 m. This generates space to sell the Viano as a nine-seater. The following overview illustrates the minibus’ versions, which have been enhanced technology and comfort in the second development phase, and which innovations are accessible till 2014. CDI engines with the six-speed manual transmission range from 65 kW to 165 kW. Diesel with the option for all-wheel drive. V6 petrol engine from 140 kW to 190 kW with 5-speed automated transmission. The trend contains ESP, traction control system ASR, immobilizer, central locking with remote control, air conditioning, side panels, coverings, seat rail system, and 12 V socket in the rear. The ambiance offers extra air delay at the back, side airbags at the front, exit lights, burl wood decors, leather seats, multifunction steering wheel, and 16-inch aluminum wheels. Besides, another thing is bed expansion in the rear with a single seat in the front row and table, trunk light, and attachments in body color avantgarde and Exclusive as full versions, individual equipment Business, Bike, Life, or Comfort Plus.

The 3rd generation Mercedes-Benz V-Class from 2014

Mercedes-Benz returned to the V-Class in the third configuration phase of its MPV. The 2014 minibusses, like their predecessors branded as Viano, are compact, long, or extremely long, with body lengths ranging from 4.90 to 5.37 m and a 3.2 or 3.43 m wheelbase. However, there are limitations to the engines available, which are four-cylinder diesel engines with power outputs ranging from 65 to 140 kW. More options, such as respite settings and driving aides, are included in the Blue Efficiency economic package. Until the 2019 facelift, the V-Class will be offered in these trim levels. The engine depends on the front, rear, or all-wheel drive, manual six-speed gearbox, or seven-speed automatic transmission. Early 2015 saw the switch to Euro 6 diesel and the standard configuration of a 6-seater. There are 8-seater interior possibilities. AMG Line sports model, 2016 Special Edition Score, Avantgarde, Avantgarde Edition, Exclusive and Exclusive Edition, Avantgarde, Avantgarde Edition, Exclusive and Exclusive Edition, AMG Line sports model, and AMG Line sports model. The Marco Polo and Marco Polo Horizon are equipped as travel and pleasure cars. Blind-spot warning and lane separation warning are included in the lane package. Finally, there's the sport package, which includes 17 light-alloy wheels.

The 2019 Mercedes-Benz V-Class will include these advancements. New Euro 6-compliant diesel, more energy for the top-of-the-line model, and improved shifting ease with the automatic nine-speed transmission. Mercedes-Benz will improve the V-Class in terms of technology at the start of 2019 and launch the EQV as an electric variant for the 2020 model year. The facelift introduces specific cosmetic changes that should enhance the sporty look. These modifications are included in the 2019 V-Class. The V 250d and V 300d come standard with a Euro 6d-temp diesel engine with outputs ranging from 120 to 176 kW and a 9-speed automated transmission. EQV with electric drive with system performance up to 150 kW and a range of 400 km. Emergency braking assistants with cross-traffic detection and high-beam assistant Plus are examples of onboard assistance. There's a crosswind assistant, an active parking companion, and a driving assistance package as options. The sporty front apron features a honeycomb grille and an XXL air intake. The inside has been refurbished with new hues, gray metallic, red metallic, and steel blue, as well as ventilation nozzles that resemble turbines. From 2-seater to 8-seater configurations are available. Seats with reclining and massaging functions are available in the first row for further comfort. Basis, Avantgarde, Exclusive equipment lines, and AMG Line, Sport, and Design equipment packages. Marco Polo, Marco Polo Horizon, and Marco Polo Activity expand as mobile homes and recreational vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz is gradually introducing the V-Class to these target groups. On the other hand, Mercedes-Benz has evolved from a somewhat basic minibus form of a commercial vehicle into a wide-ranging series known as the V-Class, which finds its place in the passenger car range. So, an alternative to classic large cars, vans, station wagons, or large SUVs, with sufficient comfort and high-horsepower engines can be established. The V-Class can be configured as a Marco Polo travel or leisure vehicle for shuttle service companies, corporate customers, family, and vacation drivers. The V-Class, for example, comes in three body lengths and two wheelbase options, allowing for a variable space concept. Anyone who uses the V-Class or is in the market for a new vehicle should consider which room idea best fits their needs. Which of the three weight variants from 2.8 to 3.2 t should the V-Class compete in real life?

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Mercedes-Benz V-Class
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