Best PPC ad networks

Best PPC ad networks
Best PPC ad networks

Because no two ad platforms are comparable, advertisers may reach out to many potential customers with different demographics and online habits. So, which PPC ad platform is right for your business? Several of the places listed below are likely to be advantageous to your business. You'll learn more about Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Pinterest, as well as other PPC ad networks, in this post. 

1- Google AdWords

AdWords is the most popular ad network due to the large number of websites in the Google Display Network and the volume of queries transferred on the Google search engine. According to Google, AdWords display ads can be seen on over two million websites and 650,000 applications, ensuring that your message reaches your target market. Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day. The Google search engine, the Google Display Network, e-commerce, mobile apps, and YouTube all use various ad types. Text, images, responsive, and video are among the mobile ad kinds used by Google. Google Adwords uses a cost-per-click approach based on competition and ad quality. On the Google Display Network, a cost-per-1,000-impressions option is available. Advertisers will commonly find higher CPCs for search terms in Google Adwords. It's time to get creative, try a highly relevant display network ad, or go to a different platform entirely. 

2- Bing Ads

Bing's share of desktop searches is growing faster than Google's, thanks to 145 million searchers who aren't reachable by Google. Bing Ads allows advertisers to import campaigns from AdWords, making it easier to get started. Microsoft has the advantage of powering various voice searches and having access to LinkedIn data, so expect more alternatives as advertising technology advances. Bing Ads make advantage of search engines, native content placements on MSN, Outlook, Edge, select quality partner websites, and mobile search across the Bing Network. Bing Ads offers a range of ad kinds, including the text for search and responsiveness for native placements, and employs a CPC model based on competition and ad quality. While advertisers can transfer campaigns from AdWords to Bing Ads, it is a mistake to keep an exact copy and not optimize for the Bing Ads platform. As needed, adjust bids, match types, and any Bing Ads ad extensions.

3- AdRoll

This retargeting technology receives marketing forecasts for targeting by analyzing around 35 million signals. They use the Facebook Exchange, Google, email, and various other marketplaces and exchanges to do their business. Online advertisements, dynamic web ads, native web ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and email advertising are among the ad types used by AdRoll on websites. AdRoll can provide mobile and cross-device retargeting for as little as $300 a month. Retargeting with products that the shopper has seen is essential, especially for e-commerce.

4- Yahoo Gemini

Search and native ads are delivered via Yahoo properties and the Oath Network, including Yahoo, AOL, and other websites under those two organizations, such as HuffPost and Tumblr. Advertisements from Yahoo Advertising can be found in various venues, including search, mobile search, and native. Text, photos, videos, app installs, Tumblr posts, carousel advertisements, and postal ads are among the forms available. These ads can also be found when searching on a mobile device. Yahoo advertising uses a CPC model based on ad quality and competition. Yahoo would have the most value for the scope of native ads and delivering audiences who use Yahoo products.

5- Facebook

The world's most popular social networking platform, Facebook, is used by 2 billion people every month. User targeting can be fine-tuned using demographics, hobbies, and behaviors. On mobile apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network, adverts from this platform can be found. Mobile ads are available on Facebook's mobile properties and the Audience Network. Facebook employs a Cost Per Desired Action methodology based on bids, predicted action rates, and ad quality. On mobile devices, ads can be displayed in various formats, including video, photo, carousel, slideshow, and canvas. Audience Network has approved native, interstitial, rewarded, and in-stream video for mobile. Because Google and Bing do not allow for this level of targeting, Facebook advertisements are the most effective way to reach out to specific demographics. Facebook advertising is identical to display advertising in terms of performance, but competent managers may considerably enhance conversions.

6- LinkedIn

LinkedIn, which Microsoft owns, provides advertising with various professional information and perspectives. Professional characteristics such as job title, seniority, firm, and others can be used to target LinkedIn's 500 million professionals. LinkedIn ads use a variety of placements, and the LinkedIn Audience Network includes tens of thousands of mobile websites, apps, and ad exchanges. Text and image ads on LinkedIn and native ads on LinkedIn Audience Network websites and apps are available in a variety of formats. Mobile advertisements are also available through the LinkedIn app and the LinkedIn Audience Network. Linkedin employs a CPC strategy based on competition and ad relevance and a CPM model. One LinkedIn strategy that works is offering relevant insights, whitepapers, or other content related to users' industries.

7- Twitter

Twitter offers several options for connecting with the platform's 350 million monthly active users. Unlike many other platforms, Twitter advertising is only available on Twitter and is not shared with other networks. Promoted tweets are one of the most adaptable ad formats because they can include text and other content as long as the policies are adhered to. Text, images, GIFS, videos, sponsored accounts, and promoted trends are all examples of Twitter advertising seen on the website and in the app. A CPC strategy is used for promoted tweets and advanced accounts, and promoted trends are managed by a Twitter sales professional. Having a solid Twitter interaction strategy should go hand in hand with Twitter badvertising. While marketing an account can help you gain new followers, creating engaging tweet content is the best way.

8- Pinterest 

Pinterest has 200 million monthly active users who are on the lookout for new trends, ideas, and products, with many of the shopping. Women make up the bulk of users (70%), and 40% have a family income of $100,000 or more. Pinterest advertising can be found on, in the Pinterest app's feed, on, and in the Pinterest app. Raised pins, one-tap promoted pins, promoted video pins, cinematic pins, and sponsored app pins are among the ad formats available to Mike. Because Pinterest's search queries are broader than Google's, perform keyword research before diving in. A strong Pinterest presence will enhance results because shares and savings on Pinterest linger around and don't cost the marketer anything. Sponsored pins and app installs are tracked using CPC, while promoted video pins are tracked using CPM.

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Best PPC ad networks
Because no two ad platforms are comparable, advertisers may reach out to many potential customers with different demographics and online habits. So, w
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