How to improve your PPC policy

How to improve your PPC policy
How to improve your PPC policy

A good PPC campaign is built on a solid strategy. It would be beneficial if you first decided what you wanted to do. What are your goals for this project? A PPC campaign can have several objectives. Your PPC objectives may be evident at times, but they may require more consideration at other times. These goals correspond to one of the sales funnel's three stages: awareness, consideration, and purchase. You should read and change your company's sales funnel as an advertiser. A B2B organization's sales cycle may be significantly longer due to investigating business solutions and the involvement of internal decision-makers. A consumer e-commerce product, on the other hand, might be available right away or within a few hours of clicking on a PPC ad. Let's take a look at each of these PPC goals and the tactics that will assist you in achieving them.

 1-Brand recognition

PPC is used to introduce and promote a brand or product to increase brand recognition. We attempt to maximize awareness to a relevant audience at this step, hoping that clicks will progress to the consideration stage. Keywords, subjects, appropriate placements, or a combination can make PPC display advertising effectively. These are the broadest targeting options, but they will reach a wider population. Social media PPC advertising is an excellent alternative for branding because many targeting options depend on demographics and hobbies. Search advertising utilizing more general terms might be helpful for branding. If the company sells scuba equipment, bidding on dive gear, for example, could enhance awareness of the product offering. This method has the downside of resulting in higher CPCs and occasionally irrelevant click-throughs. The best strategies to implement this technique are to use intelligent keyword match types and negative keywords.

2- Product and brand items

At this stage, when consumers are studying and researching a purchase, it's a great time to reintroduce the brand with more comprehensive targeting and more critical call to action language in the ad content. When consumers reach the consideration stage, their search queries will become more sophisticated and specific. They can investigate, compare, and read reviews for brands and product combinations such as Samsung 43" TV or LG 43" TV. This is an ideal time to use remarketing with a banner or responsive ads to entice the customer back to the product they have initially been interested in. Another suitable targeting method is the in-market list, which consists of users whose online behavior and actions indicate that they are in the market to buy.

3- Leads

When you can't make a sale or secure a deal online, you want to get leads so you can follow up with interested prospects and engage them in a dialogue. These ideas aim to convince users to contact or fill out an online web form. Although a lead is followed up on differs per organization, you now have data to use in PPC customer race efforts.


Consumers ready to purchase are more likely to use phrases in their search queries that indicate a higher level of intent. This can include details such as model numbers and special offers. Having separate campaigns that highlight offers, guarantees, warranty information, or your return policy throughout this stage are a good idea. This gives them confidence that you are the right company for them to buy from. Experiment with cart abandonment ads and remarketing ads that promote the customer's products, and use your ad content and extensions to their full potential. Make sure your remarketing campaigns aren't set up to target you after you've made a purchase. To do so, make a buyer's list. The campaign should no longer include that list. It will be helpful for repeat sales in the future.

5- Repeat Sales

PPC is an efficient way to drive repeat purchases if your product or service requires repair, maintenance, accessories, upgrades, or other product cross-sells or upsells. Ask yourself the following questions when you build a repeat sales strategy:

-Will the product last a long time, or will it have to be returned?

-Will a new and improved model be released?

- Does the customer purchase in large quantities?

-Are there any accessories or complementing items that might be sold together?

-How would you persuade a customer to purchase from you again? 

- Loyalty to a brand?

- Do you think you'll be able to get something delivered quickly?

- What sets you apart from the competition?

Re-engage previous customers with messaging tailored to entice them to make another purchase from you using PPC remarketing and customer events. Coupons and discounts are effective motivators, just like the sales phase.


Many goals should be incorporated in an excellent PPC account to attract customers and progress them through the sales funnel to the point of purchase. Make a chart containing goals, keywords, themes, vital messages, and landing page information to keep organized and ensure you've covered all the bases. After the launch, review the results to determine how you might develop and divide funds. Look at the attribution area of the PPC platform or analytics and guided conversions to see campaign pathways that will guide you through the process of setting up a successful account.

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nwldg: How to improve your PPC policy
How to improve your PPC policy
A good PPC campaign is built on a solid strategy. It would be beneficial if you first decided what you wanted to do. What are your goals for this proj
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